Virpi Sorsa and Jouni Virtaharju were granted funding for the research project “Ethnographic research about the leadership system’s reform in the City of Helsinki 2018-2020”.

The City of Helsinki reformed it’s leadership system and the new system was launched in summer 2017. In this leadership system the traditional bureau based system changed into a department based system and the civil planning of the proposals was separated from the political decision making with a new Mayor’s office.

Hanken researchers Virpi Sorsa and Jouni Virtaharju were granted 260 000€ for the research project “Ethnographic research about the leadership system’s reform in the City of Helsinki 2018-2020”.

In the research project planned together with the city of Helsinki, Virpi Sorsa and Jouni Virtaharju will study with ethnographic approach whether the goals for the change will be achieved and if the new leadership system will influence the city organization’s operation in the new departments.

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Article on the material agency of strategy published in Long Rage Planning

The article "Ascribing materiality and agency to strategy in interaction: A language-based approach to the material agency of strategy" was published by Pekka Pälli in Long Range Planning. 

Adding to the existent research on strategy as discourse and practice, this paper develops a language-based approach to viewing the agency and materiality of strategy. The study draws insights from the communicative constitution of organization (CCO) approach and linguistic agency to investigate how organizational members ascribe materiality and performative agency to strategy in their talk-in-interaction. The data consist of 14 video-recorded dyadic manager-to-manager conversations from one private and one public Finnish organization. The findings highlight how strategy is habitually spoken of as a material concrete entity and as a nonhuman agent that makes a difference in the course of described actions. The findings thus suggest that the performative position of strategy has been encoded in language and its use, which further suggests that object-like concreteness and agentivity are key elements of the organizational strategy discourse.

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Blog about public-sector renewal (in Finnish)

Virpi Sorsa, Kari Jalonen and Jouni Virtaharju, who are researchers of city strategy at Hanken have started a new blog called Julkinen tutkija. The blog focuses on public-sector renewal, strategy work, and leadership in the public domain. The blog is written in Finnish, and joins the societal discussion on the development of public sector, bringing in the perspective of management research, which we feel has been too seldom voiced. In addition, there will no doubt be a fair share of sidesteps to other issues relevant to management in the public domain. There is already a handful of posts for you to read; we are looking forward to any comments!

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Cambridge Handbook of SAP

Now in its second edition, this extended and thoroughly updated handbook introduces researchers and students to the growing range of theoretical and methodological perspectives being developed in the vibrant field of strategy as practice. With new authors and additional chapters, it shows how the strategy-as-practice approach in strategic management moves away from disembodied and asocial studies of firm assets, technologies and practices to explore and explain the contribution that strategizing makes to people working at all levels of an organization. It breaks down many of the traditional paradigmatic barriers in strategy to investigate who the strategists are, what they do, how they do it, and what the consequences or outcomes of their actions are. This essential work summarizes recent developments in the field while presenting a clear agenda for future research.