Research areas
Design thinking

Design+ is a two-year research project that brings together Aalto Design Factory, Aalto University School of Business and Stanford University. It focuses on design thinking in leadership, change management, and strategy work. Funded by the Finnish Work Environment Fund and company partners, Design+ looks for new ways of operating to match the needs of current fast changing operating environments and future of work. The project focuses on how design thinking and design methods can be used to produce concrete solutions for complex and abstract challenges in organizations, such as strategy work or cultural change. It is carried out in collaboration with world-class companies in Finland and in Silicon Valley.

Design thinking is an exploratory process, which allows unexpected discoveries along the way. It is iterative and non-linear by nature and differs significantly from the planning-centric, milestone-based processes that define traditional business practices. However, it is not disorganized or undisciplined. Instead, it aims to create results through inspiration, ideation, and implementation based on empathy, reframing, prototyping and co-creation in diverse groups.