Research Areas
Entrepreneurial and virtual work

This topic led by Dr. Henrika Franck (entrepreneurial strategy work) and Dr. Mikko Vesa (Hanken / virtualization). The interest in entrepreneurship is first and foremost in the discursive and narrative study of entrepreneurial opportunity, especially among start-up entrepreneurs. These questions reflect an interest in the cultural and social context of organizing. Entrepreneurship is seen more as a social rather than a business process; it is embodied in stories and self-narratives. Although all normative suggestions coming out of research like this are conceptual and must be reinterpreted by readers to suit their contexts, we wish to provide relevance for practitioners, too. By practitioners we refer to all organizational stakeholders, not only entrepreneurs. There is a vast empirical data gathered in Silicon Valley in California and in Finland, interviewing Nordic entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, and consultants who help entrepreneurs. The interest is in two different but related discourses: First, the narratives and discourses of the entrepreneurs, their own role and opportunities, including ambitions and success, but also uncertainty and failures. Secondly, the societal and media discourse around start-up entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley and in Finland. As many of new start-ups are functioning in a virtual world, the virtualization of strategy work is studied both inside and between companies.