Research Areas
Data analytics

Professor Henri Schildt is the leader of this research project, which is funded by the Academy of Finland and concluded in 2018. The Digitalization of Management (DoM) research group at Aalto University studies the way increasing use of data and analytics is shaping management and strategy inside and across organizations. One of the research projects is “Big data & strategy work”. Big data is a broad concept that refers to use of large bodies of automatically collected data and computer algorithms to inform business decisions. Its proponents foresee the technology to help optimize organizational processes and improve the quality of decisions by replacing human intuition and expertise with impartial and automated analysis of data. Big data is seen to herald a radical and widespread change in strategy, replacing political compromises with a technocratic ethos of data-driven decision-making. However, such a vision contradicts political and narrative conceptions of strategy that emphasize the need for employee commitment and participation. We do not yet know how applications of big data challenge traditional strategy processes, or how they shape existing strategy practices. This project comprises research that aims to understand how cheaper, more accurate, and ultimately ubiquitous monitoring through automatically generated data and sophisticated analytics tools is reconfiguring social relationships among firms, their employees, and consumers.

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