The Strategy Work Program focuses on processes, practices, and dynamics of strategy making in and across organizations, particularly from the viewpoint of language, discourse, and narratives. The concept of strategy work – referring to what strategists in organizations do when they do strategy – is central to the research program, which comprises a variety of activities in terms of research, teaching, and societal impact.

In recent years, we have seen a growing research interest in the activities that constitute strategic management as practice and discourse. This has helped to understand the discursive bases of strategic management, how strategizing develops in social interaction, and how discursive and other social practices may impede or promote participation in strategy work.

This research program is led by Aalto BIZ Professor Eero Vaara. Eero and his collaborators represent the cutting edge in this novel and expanding approach to strategy and strategic management. Professor Vaara is supported by Aalto BIZ professors Henri Schildt, and Johanna Moisander as well as other top scholars in Finland and across the world. Numerous junior scholars and PhD students are also affiliated with this program. 


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